Oct 16th - Oct 23th 2024 (Chol HaMoed 19th - 22nd)

Embrace the spirituality and warm family moments of Sukkot October 16th through October 23th 2024 at The Altair, Bay Harbor, Miami.

Dwell in our custom waterside sukkah by the bay and indulge in five star kosher cuisine by chef Simi Alon of Ovo. For yom tov, experience uplifting davening at our onsite bais medrash and inspiring lectures from our scholar in residence. During chol l’moed (October 19th – 22nd), exclusive accommodations include separate swimming hours at our rooftop pool and entry to The Altair’s private beach club.

Experience an action-packed chol l’moed with kosher restaurants and shops in walking distance, onsite bikes, scooters, and paddleboards, and countless chol l’moed activities nearby. End the chag with our Simchas Torah celebration for the ultimate experience.

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Altair Hotel Pool